Pixel Squares on live stream


Hi all,

I have several of these encoders FBE200 running. All work fine apart from some square pixels. When a broadcast is running fast and the screen is panning about like when watching a football match the screen seems to pixelate then after a second corrects itself.
I an streaming at the following:
1280 x 720
Audio at 128Kbps
Bitrate: 3000
Gop: 10
FPS: 30

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this.



My friend:

We have some experience on it.
1.You need to test your band wide ,it must over 3000kbs, we are talking about upload speed.

2.if you upload speed enough, try to set the bitrate more ,just like 4000 or 5000.

3.if the upload bandwide is not more, Try to set the Resolution lower. like 1024768 or 800600.

4.Pay attention to the video source FPS. if the Video source FPS is 60, may be you need try set encoder to 40.

all the advice is option ,try each one at one time please.

Have a good day.


Thank you. I will try these options.
Another issue I have been getting reports about is the sync between video & audio.
When a channel is visited it’s fine for about 5/10 minutes. After this time the sound drifts away from the video. If we then change channel and change back to the original one it’s fine again.
Any idea’s?



My friend:

What is the cloud you use now?