Please help in the failure of the FM radio broadcasting

I have a Raido FM transmitter with a power of 1000 watts and a message has appeared to me saying: (Error # 263) I tried to operate the device with a power of 500 watts and the device worked well for about 10 hours but the problem happened after that when the device restarts, I hear the sound of it running but It does not mess and the screen does not work, so what is the solution?

My dear friend

The error #263 is because the control board of the transmitter has been damaged.
Need to replace the new control board to solve this problem

You can contact our salesman to replace the control board.
It is also not recommended to set the 1000W transmitter to 500W.
Because this will reduce the efficiency of the transmitter, resulting in a very serious heating

have a good day

Okay, Mr. Jimmy
Well can you give me your seller’s phone number Please

Which salesman did you buy the transmitter from?