Problem connecting to FB and/or YouTube Live Videos Stream



I have FBE200 High Definition Streaming IPTV Encoder with Device Version: E265-20181226-HLS.

The FB Live and YouTube Live provides Server URL and separate Stream Key while the FBE200 only accepts single field entry.

Please help me solve issue on how to stream to FB and YT Live. The one posted here Fb200 for Facebook Live streaming setup seems old and of no help.

Regards. Bruce


My dear friend

You can select RTMP settings in the FBE200 background management interface, as shown below.

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ok, I will switch to Classic mode instead of URL mode.

Where will i enter the:

  1. Server URL
  2. Persistent Stream Key

Please advise. Thank you. Bruce


My dear friend

There are two tutorial posts in our BBS forum, you can read them

If you still can’t use RTMP, we can do TeamViewer

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Thank you for the excellent and prompt respond.

It works.

Bruce Lee D. Mones
Vanguard Radio Network