Problem with firmware 2018-5-15


hello i have upgraded firmware on my fbe-200 h265 wifi but
I noticed that with the hdmi 1080 50i input and if I enable the deinterlace the output flow I get to 50p and not to 25p

, if disabled the deinterlace is right at 25p.
NB if I put the entry instead to 720 50p instead turns to 25p regular


moreover if the output resolution is higher than 1024x576 the problem does not occur, the test I made was done at 720 x 404


1.1080I is interlac, and if the deinterlace is enabled, it turns into progressive scan, so FPS will get higher.
2. if you are the 1080I signal input, I recommend that you set this: the main stream output resolution selection automatically, not to modify the resolution, the need to use other resolution to second bit stream, third stream selection of other resolution output.


it is not normal that from a 50i you get a 50p, it would be just a 25p, otherwise it would not be a deinterlacing, also because the 2017-11-21 version does not present this problem