Question on bandwidth needed for 3 streams

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The FBE200 can do 3 streams at the same time.
For example : 1e 1920x1080i @ 5 mbps
2e 1280x720P @ 3.5 mbps
3e 720x480i @ 2 mbps

So i need 5+3.5+2 = 9.5 mbps say 12 mbps right?
Note: no live stream using internet. For wireless use using Nanostations (local)


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No, your understanding is wrong
Except for UDP protocol, other protocols are transmitted on the basis of TCP。

The rule of TCP transmission is to send data only when the client needs it
So the required bandwidth is calculated in this way

Number of online clients × The bandwidth of the streaming viewed by the client

For example, if you use three VLCs to watch 1080i streaming at the same time, the required bandwidth is 15Mbps

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Ok thanks for the explanation.
I want to make a setup to stream only http protocol with 1080i format. Just one decoder will be use.
Codec will be H.265. How much bandwidth do i need to set stream? main profile or …? what is the difference on the diff profiles?

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You can set it like this

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