Recommended settings for broadcasting to LG TV?

Can someone recommend the settings to use for my configuration? I am taking a 1080i signal from a local TV station with an ATSC antenna and converting it to HDMI which is then the input for my FBE200 device. I am then streaming with multicast to all the TV’s on my network. I also have a DirectTV COM2000 streaming 60 other multicast channels on the network. The TV’s are 2017 Model LG 55UV970H. There are a lot of settings to choose from so I’m hoping to get some guidance. I don’t need the second or third stream so they could be turned off if possible.

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  1. Before using the fbe200, you need to make sure that your TV can decode UDP multicast streaming
  2. Using UDP multicast stream will take up a lot of network bandwidth, which may cause network congestion and make some network devices unusable, such as routers.
    So please make sure that your switch supports IGMP protocol, and it is better to divide VLAN.
  3. You can set the fbe200 like this

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