Sound and picture problem while streaming in YouTube



We are streaming a seminar right now with 2 professional cameras 1080i50 and Blackmagic ATEM studio switcher + FBE200-H.264-wifi-HLS (last firmware 2017-02-06) -

  1. Often we have a problem with the quality of sound - pops (like popcorn making). Interesting is this is at the live streaming, after the live, when YouTube process the video, sound is good. But we need it in good quality for the live. We changed the audio setting: quality and format MP3/AAC, but same problem. Don’t have this problem if we use Capture card and Adobe live media encoder.
    This is direct sound recording with the sound problem from the headphones jack of the laptop in the camera (if our event from the upper link is over) -

  2. Right now we have super fast internet 90MB download/upload international, but if stream more than 1280x720 - 1000 mbps YouTube says don’t receive enough video (poor quality stream) and we have drops in the picture. Right now picture is fine, but with this internet we can stream at least 1920x1080 - 4000 mbps :frowning:

will send screenshots from the decoder after the event…



Hello revivevision:

Thank you for Clearly described the problem.
Don’t worry ,Our engineers work with you together.

1.The Live Sound like pop.

  1. Try to insert 3.5mm audio in and setting it in media page.

  2. Try to set to media page -->Volume go down -1 or -2

2.Choice a fine Resolution for live streaming

  1. if your client is only use mobile to see the streaming. 1280*720@25 1500 -2000 kbps is good.

  2. if more people use pc or tv to see streaming. 1280*720@25 2500-3000kbps is good .

If you have any question please feel free to contact me.



1.1. no technical option to do this right now (update: the same pop defects with analogue audio input)
1.2. we tested -1 / -2 and also other combinations of audio setting but the same problem. it is bad only at the live, after the archive video is perfect. Also our audio signal is without problems, we have audio technician and recording the mix signal too - It is clear.
2. It is not possible to set more than 1000 kbps, YouTube reporting bad video signal and drops are coming in the stream (picture is not clear). 2000 kbps is bad, and 1920x1080 is terrible! The internet speed is very fast ~ 90 MB, we are in expensive hotel.

We are professional video company and know what to do. Big experience with video streaming, but we used Blackmagic capture device and Adobe Live Media encoder before. We tried to upgrade with FBE200 but at this moment quality is poor and not suitable for our service. Hope for solution…


my friend:

could you try the live video and audio when rtmp to youtube ,sametome use vlc open check the audio.

have a good day.


we will make special tests this week about the problem


My friend:

How about try to upgrade it to last firmeware?

Have a good day.


we are using firmware 2017-02-06
do you have new one?


hello My friend:

yes ,the newest one is 2017-2-23. try it :grinning:


I had the same problem with the audio.
I also use Blackmagic ATEM 1080 50i.
The solution I found is to use:
GOP: 180.

Youtube shows an error for using GOP in 180, but the streaming works fine.

Martin Lorenzo.


My friend :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information
Could you send me the pages of setting ,than we can set it as a sample?

have a good day.


Thanks Martin, will test this!

And where is the official link for last firmware updates for this product?


The event where I had the problems was in February 2017, I no longer have pages of settings.

Yesterday I updated the latest firmware (AVC-20170511), tomorrow I will test to see if this problem was solved.


Update Firmware:


Please pin up the firmware topic to be the first in the forum.


I had problems with YouTube streaming until I learned how to set the GOP value for YouTube.

The YouTube GOP value is half the frames per second that the transmission is performing.

Example: Transmission 1280x720 30fps.
The correct GOP value is 15.

Transmission 1280x720 25fps.
The correct GOP value is 12.