Sound problem when connecting camera to Fbe200 encoder

hello, I connected a canon camera 1300D to the fbe200 enconder via HDMI cable and played a real time stream via VLC. the video is ok but there is no sound! only video. I tried every audio option in the encoder and still no sound.
Any suggestions please?

The Canon EOS 1300D camera will not output any sound on the HDMI port while shooting. However, the sound will be properly recorded by the camera.

Read this (bottom of the page): https://support.usa.canon.com/kb/index?page=content&id=ART165613&actp=LIST

It has a headphone 3.5mm output, try with a jack-jack audio cable to connect audio signal separately (from headphone output of the camera to FBE200 line input), and select Line In on the web interface.


1300D doesnt have a headphone output. it has only remote control terminal, usb and hdmi ports.
is there any other cameras compatible with fbe200?

Panasonic MDH2 is work great for it.

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