SSH Access for FBE200



I am using FBE200, and I need to (purchase) and send 8 x FBE200 in different locations at the same time.
So I am going to put them in DHCP, but I would like to have SSH access to be able to open a configuration tunnel to access to them remotely. I do not have issue to configure them throught http/https but I need to get an information on their IPs.
Is there a limited access version that will allow SSH access ?
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I’m very sorry for my late reply. Because I was on vacation last week.

  1. FBE200 does not support SSH.
    Even if SSH is supported, you need to know the IP address of FBE200 to access it.
  2. If you want to know the IP address of FBE in LAN, I can give you an FBE200 scanning tool.
    It can scan FBE200 in LAN and know its information.

FBE200 Scanning Tool Link:
FMUSER-FBE200-IP-SearchTool.rar (656.1 KB)

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