Starting and stopping live YouTube broadcast w FBE2000


Thanks to your great instructions I was able to successfully stream to YouTube with my new FBE2000. I do have one question. It is unclear how to stop a broadcast. YouTube advises to stop the encoder to end a broadcast. The only way that I see to do so is to disable the stream. Is there a better way to stop encoding? As it stands now, I will need to go through the entire set up process to start a new broadcast. Is there a start and stop button that I somehow missed? Thanks for your kind assistance!


My friend:

In order to maintain the reliability of the machine, we removed the power switch.
we recommend that you connect it to a switch on the power outlet, so the next time you can directly open the switch.

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Okay. To be clear are you saying that the only way to stop the device from streaming content to YouTube is to disconnect it from power (e.g., unplug it)? If so, when I reconnect it to power, will it resume streaming or must I go through the set process you described elsewhere?


My friend:

Two solutions:

  1. it will save setting even lost the power. And when power on it will take 5 minutes to try find out the server of youtube.

  2. If you not want to power of it ,try to disable it on rtmp setting.

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