Stream from FBE200 to Amino H140 (configuration problems)


I am trying to use FBE200 to stream to Amino H140 over public internet (point to point). The amino simply uses a URL, much like a browser. How to properly configure the FBE200 is my challenge. I’m told this is simple however I cannot find the solution.I have successfully streamed to YouTube, FaceBook, Ustream, LiveStream and DaCast but sending to the Amino H140 stumped me. Please help.


My dear friend

  1. Can you tell me what format Amino H140 supports for video input?
    H.265 or H.264?RTSP or HTTP?1080P or 720P?

  2. Can you give me some screenshots?
    Background management interface screenshots of FBE200 and Amino H140

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The Amino decoders are designed for LAN use and not over the Internet. But you may be able to get it working in a couple ways:

  1. HLS FBE200 encoder. Port forward the FBE200 HLS server (port 8080 I think) and then program one of the A140/H140 channels to the FBE200 HLS m3u8 URL.
  2. FBE200 in unicast UDP. Port forward a UDP port of your A140/H140 (ex: 1234). Then in the FBE200 set the unicast IP as the public IP of the A140/H140, and the port your forwarded. On the A140/H140 program one of the channels as udp://: (ex: udp://
  3. Set up a point-to-point VPN tunnel between networks so the A140/H140 is bridged to the same network segment as the FBE200. Set the FBS200 in multicast, make sure IGMP snooping works properly or is turned off on your switches. On the A140/H140 set the channel URL as igmp://: (ex: igmp:// This is what I am doing and it works fine.

If you are using a A140/H140 that has the Visionary Solutions firmware on it, this configuration guide is great:

If you have stock firmware you may be able to change Browser->Home Page to one of the above URLs and it will play the stream on boot.

Good luck!