Stream on youtube nonstop FBE200


When I change the battery in the video camera, the hdmi signal disappears and the stream on youtube temporarily breaks! Is it possible to make the stream not stop while the hdmi signal is unavailable, but the image loaded into the memory is output in advance?
Can I create android application to control fbe200 -start stop of the stream, or select the source of the signal image or input hdmi?


Sorry, the FBE200 does not have this feature. Because there are many factors to consider when adding this feature, and I don’t feel any practical effect of this feature.

On how to control the start or stop the stream, you should start with the control signal source.
For example, add a timing HDMI Switcher before FBE200. At the same time input two videos to the HDMI Switcher, which controls what video to transmit, and you can achieve the effect you said before.
It can also directly add a timing switch to the power supply of FBE200. To control the power supply of the encoder