Strong freezes via Wifi



Also increases the ping to 600-800 to FBE, and no response ( home LAN)…
Web management response slowly and hang.

Connect to RTSP stream with VLC and via Ethernet have no freezes.

BTW, attept connect to RTSP stream via Wifi with android version vlc cause out of all services and web admin until hardware reboot.

Also i can’t get multicasat stream via wifi. Over Ethernet udp://@ - OK.

I plan to use streams in mobile applications and I need wifi


My friend:

  1. 12mbps for a wifi will be too high ,try to set it 3-4mbps.

  2. UDP over wifi is a big problem ,because the Router company block it .We also finding the solution. we had try many router ,it also not support ,even UBNT…

have a good day.


Speed test over same router look 25-40 Mbit. And tjhis is my private network. By direct link over Ethernet - all ok.


In additional, device have external antenna but wi-fi link very very slow.
Wifi connection is much weaker than a mobile phone with INTERNAL antenna, connected to the same router. Even ping does not respond Actually wifi Not working. It only works a few meters away. This is a cheap link.


My friend:

We found the UDP multicast will couse some router wifi very busy. You need to set a Vlan to Isolate data storms.

Or just try to disable the UDP and use RTSP or HTTP for wifi and low mpbs will better.

Have a good day.