Unable tto pick up the video feed on the encoder home page in order to stream to youtube


I have been racking my brains trying to figure this out, but to no avail. I admit I am not an expert, but I can make my way through.

Computer is listed as follows:

IpV4 address =
Subnet =
Default Gateway =

Encoder is listed as follows:
Ip =
Subnet =
Default Gateway =

I have also inserted my stream rtmp from youtube.

I will post screen shots in a moment of ipconfig of my computer and encoder


I am using Microsoft Edge in windows 10. I have tried in Firefox and Chrome with the IE plug.


On the status page copy the http link and paste in media player or vlc. I don’t see video on the status page either that’s how I do it.


Shane, thank you for your reply. when I copy and pasted the http into the vlc, this is what I get.



When I paste rtsp:// into vlc in the “open network stream” I can get the stand alone player to connect to the camera, but not on the status page of the encoder




I got the http to work on the vlc standalone player, but still nothing on the status page.


Hi gene,

I used the old internet explorer and i can see video in the status page. you have have to click on the ext stream and 3rd stream tab to get it going. I guess the newer version of firefox and chrome will not be able to view the preview in the status page any more.


So what is my recourse? I am in over my head in trying to understand this. I am coming to the conclusion that this equipment simply is subpar and worthless. Nothing should be this difficult.


My dear friends

I am sorry to reply you so long.

1.Which browser do you use to login to the management page of the encoder?
2.If you use Google browser. This link will tell you why and how to solve it.
How to use VLC to preview streaming video from HDMI video encoder in Google Chrome

have a good day