We do not have IPTV/OTT Server yet!


Hello Everybody and Fmuser staff,

we already have some of your nice little HDMI to IP encoders FBE200-H.265-HLS


What it is the most easy and less troubleless video server we can use? we rather pay server

-Ustream now IBW


or any better sugestion?

Some free iptv or OTT server we could try?

because this little Streaming IPTV Encoders just can
handle 3 * 3 = 9 video streaming at the same time.

We want to add to our website so visitors can watch our video signal.



My dear friend

Of all the video servers, Wowza seems to me to be the best.
It works stably, streaming Transmission Security and manages conveniently.

If you don’t want to use a paid video server, then you can use YouTube.
Then embed the playback address into your website, which is the most economical and simple.

Another way is to share FBE200’s management address and port into the Internet through the router’s DDNS and port mapping functions.
Then choose the appropriate playback protocol according to the video decoder of your website.

have a good day