Why not Streaming over 720p 100fps for GoPro by FBE200


I have some issues with using a GoPro cam (3 and 3+) with fbe200 encoder. It looks like the frame rate of the GoPro causes a conflict. Sometimes there is no picture or one with false colors. The fbe200 recognizes a 1080p60 incoming stream when settings at the GoPro are at 720p50. Another time the fbe200 recognized 384p60 or 1p60. When I change the frame rate at the GoPro to 720p100 I get a clear picture with some blurring but usable. I read in some GoPro forums that the frame rate of the cams is not accurate so it uses 720p59.94 instead of 720p60. Can this cause the problem?


My friend:

I am sorry to hear that .
THe Gopro is design for sport ,but the fbe200 is not design for sport.
The Fbe200 biggest FPS is 1280*720@60 FPS.It can not allow 100fps.

Maybe you need to buy a more professional encoder for Gopro.

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Thanks for reply. You got me wrong. For any reason it works with 720p100, but not with any other resolution. The HDMI output of the GoPro delivers a 720p59.94 signal which causes a conflict with the fbe200. The same result with 720p30 which is in reality 720p29.97.


Why do you want to stream LIVE at 100p? It doesn’t make sense. You should always stream LIVE content at 25 or 30 fps, not more. Try setting GoPro to these values.

100 fps is intended for recordings, not live content, where you can creatively make astonishing slow-motions in video editor sofware. Reducing 100p video playback speed to 25p gives 1/4 speed super-slow motion with excellent quality and no stuttering picture. This is the only reason for 100p, you can be creative when you do video editing.
But even for recording, if you know that you will never do slow-motion in video editing later, it’s useless to record at 100p because very few devices will be able to play back the file. And it will also be much bigger file, totally useless.

Live stream wouldn’t make any use of higher frame rates than 30fps. It would use much more network bandwidth, and only a few clients would be able to play it.


You also got me wrong. I tried to stream with 720p60 and 720p30 with the GoPro but it doesn’t work. I received a wrong color picture and some blurring effects.
Then I tried 720p100 it worked, but it didn’t look like slow motion, it looked like normal speed.
I found an possible explanation for that in a GoPro forum. The HDMI output of a GoPro does not deliver exactly 60 or 30 frames, it’s 59.94 and 29.97. This will cause the conflict with fbe200.


For some reason somebody changed the name of the topic. I will not stream with 720p100. I have problems with 720p30 and 720p60 signal coming from GoPro HDMI output.


It may be the RGB colorspace of the HDMI signal that the GoPro outputs…?


I don’t think so. That should be the same with 720p100.


Try the encoder with some different video source, like a computer, laptop, set-top-box etc.