WIFI issues. ping time increases and packets are lost when HDMI source is on


I’m having some wifi issues (I’ll be back with more data after collectin and recording some video) but in order to collect information that could be useful for you, please let me know the wifi specs of the FBE200 H264 wifi of mine.
Adapter, 802.11 a/b/g ?? , technology, antenna dbi, etc… all is useful for me.

I’ll change the antenna with one of 10 dbi today later, but in order to advance, I need to know that info, please.

As a “flash forward” of the problem… in wireless link from my notebook to the encoder (1 meter one of another, notebook as AP), it pings back OK ( < 2 or 3 ms delay ) but when I attach the HDMI source (a home video camera) the delay increases to 100 - 1000 ms and some packets misses… and obviously the video freezes… maybe this can be useful for you to debug other request in the forum.

Maybe a CPU problem of the encoder, or link capacity (for that is that I’ll be changing the antenna)


hello telenodo:

thank you very much for the test.
I will get some information back tomorrow to you.


Addendum : Antenna changes does it worse… ping delay increased + packet loss even with no HDMI input.
This is the antenna I used (9dBi)


my friend:
check the antenna frequency.i think it swr too high


Hi!! It’s a antena 9 dBi destined to increase wifi routers/access point at 2.4 GHz

Is “user replaceable” the wifi module in the encoder?
Please let me know the wifi module specs and antenna, when you have time



yes.we need to do a full test of this . next week i go back to it.

have a nice day.