Windows 10 connections non-192 router FBE 200


My router has a default gateway of and am unable to change that. I tried, it didn’t work, and Comcast says it can’t be changed. Our computers are all Windows 10. The manual says to use IP address for an IP address, 255.255.255/0 for a Subnet mask. The default gateway in the picture in the manual is, but I can’t change that from the
I created a DNS server address of
I am unable to connect to the FBE 200.

Also, the manual says Please go to and get a step by step tutorial. I can’t figure out where it’s at.
Please advise.


My friend:

Don’t worry about it .Follow this step:

1.Connect the Encoder direct to the Computer.
2.Set the Computer to fix ip like the photo

1.Login the
2.Set the Encoder to this and save and reboot.
subnet mask

1.Connect the encoder to the router.
2.Set the computer IP to auto.
3.Use the to login the encoder.

Then you may enjoy the fun of streaming media:yum:

have a good day.